Updates for December 6, 2021
☃ Holiday Costumes Are Live!
A view of a winter Space in Gather with dancing snowpeople and gingerbread people. The Jaden gingerperson is showing a custom emote of a Christmas tree.
After a long year and many requests, our beloved snowperson costume is back, though only until the snow melts! This year we're also introducing gingerbread people with super smooth dancing moves.
🐦 New Daily Winter Decorations
A snowy winter Space in Gather with new Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and winter objects.
Search for our new holiday objects using the term "winter" or check our
Newly added
category in the Object Picker to see what our incredible Art team has been working on! Check back each day until the new year for a new object or two!
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed active speaker indicator
  • Adjusted announcements UI
  • Fixed Erase mode issues
  • Fixed video connection issues affecting South and Southeast Asia issue
  • Tested new rendering engine extensively — stay tuned for news of this massive upgrade!
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for November 29, 2021
🚀Explore Templates Through Events Checklist
A view of the Create Space step in the Events checklist onboarding flow. Two Space templates are previewed in the left, and on the right, a live preview lets you explore the template you've selected.
Wander inside our templates and see the entire layout before choosing the right one for you! This feature can be found when creating a Space through the
Create Event
📢 Space-Wide Announcements (In Real-Time)!
A gif of a Thanksgiving Space in Gather with a live announcement being posted. The Info Board icon in the Left Nav Menu is selected, the Announcements tab is selected in the modal, a new post with the text "Dinner's Ready!" is added, and the announcement displays in the Space.
Keynote speech about to start? Need to let everyone know where to go? Finally, a way to send out Space-wide announcements in real time!
At this time, this feature is only available to event-based Spaces. (Sorry, remote work offices!) You can make an announcement as a Space Admin or Moderator by opening the Info Board in the upper left corner and switching to the
All of the guests in your Space, regardless of which Room or Map they are in will get a pop-up notification with your announcement.
A gif of a Thanksgiving Space in Gather with a live announcement being received. A new post with the text "Game time!" appears in the upper left corner next to the Info Board icon.
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed bug where
    My Spaces
    list was not appearing when adding a Room to a Space
  • Fixed issue with
    Hide Tutorial in this Space
    toggle not triggering in Settings
  • Fixed issue with associated reservations being deleted when events were deleted
  • Added aria labels to our navigation menus
  • Implemented several client-side performance improvements
  • Fixed loading issues with extensions such as password doors and friendly plants
  • Fixed a few issues specifically related to black screens
  • Improved audio and video quality for those on restrictive networks
  • Added big-time improvements to video reliability and stability
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for November 15, 2021
A Gather Thanksgiving Space with a giant dinner table covered in food. The outdoor area features new snow covered trees and fall leaf piles!
Sneak peek at our next Family Gathering Map iteration! Otherwise, no major updates other than preparing for this coming Friday's map release - See our Wheel of Time tab on your Gather homepage for the countdown timer!
🛠 Maker Week
The Gather Maker Week Space. Three houses with banners reading "Meet Your Maker" line a walkway.
Please note that this week, Gather is participating in a company-wide Maker Week. Regularly scheduled meetings are canceled and other projects are put on hold to allow everyone at Gather to get involved with innovating and collaborating on projects that may be out of their daily routine. We are taking this time to expand on what we think is possible in order to build a stronger and better Gather for you!
Due to these focused efforts, support turn around times may be much slower than usual because we want all of our staff members to feel free to participate in Maker Week. We will prioritize events taking place during the month of November. Other inquires will be put on hold until November 22nd.
As always, if you are experiencing an immediate issue, please add "Urgent" to your subject line!
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added a Collaborator role for Event Checklists so that more than one person can manage Event details. Select
    on your Event Checklist to invite a Collaborator.
  • Improved navigation through the
    Create an Event
  • Added an API Key user warning - "Revealing your API key to anyone will allow them to impersonate you in every way, including joining and editing Spaces you have access to as you."
  • Fixed a few issues related to seeing a black screen upon entering your Gather Space.
  • Completed a whole lot of load testing.
  • Improved stability under heavy loads.
Updates for November 8, 2021
Screenshot of the character selector with the "special" tab selected and the "Wheel of Time" category highlighted. Several example Character costumes are shown such as Mat and Moirane
This week is a little quiet while we spin a few more threads for the Pattern of the Ages. Looking forward to sharing what we've been working on!
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Adjusted friending error messages to be more clear when when you try to friend someone who can't be friended
  • Adjusted Emotes to center them and add animations
  • Added more helpful error messages if two or more people try to edit the Information Board at the same time
  • Added a mid-quality video auto-adjustment to some situations to help improve performance
  • Fixed a bug with very old spaces not displaying correctly
  • Major scalability improvements in the works
  • Made builder mode faster and more reliable, and improved one issue with very large maps
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for November 1, 2021
A screenshot of Gather's Lobby with a table showing various food, including ailoo tikki and karanji, a person in a red dress next to the table with the words "Happy Diwali" over their head, and lots of colorfulfireworks all over the screen.
💃Gather Events
A screenshot of the new Gather events landing page that is generated when you follow the new Events onboarding flow. In the Top Nav Menu is a Search for events field, a button to Create event, a button for Back to checklist, and a preview of the Riley avatar. In the left center of the screenshot is a preview image of a Gather Space with floor pillows. To the right are the event details, including the title "New Years Watch Party" with the time and three action buttons: Add to Calendar, Share, and Save. A Join Event button displays beneath the action buttons. Beneath the center banner is Event Details with additional info.
Creating an Event on Gather has never been easier! Introducing our new event creation system that will not only help you get organized, but also will give you a lovely landing page to send to your event attendees! The event link you send to your attendees will stay the same even if you:
  • Change the Space you use for your event
  • Adjust the date and time
  • Update any event details or descriptions
Get started by navigating to your Gather homepage, selecting the
tab, and selecting
Create Event
in the upper right corner.
A screenshot of the new Gather events landing page that is generated when you follow the new Events onboarding flow. In the Top Nav Menu is a Search for events field, a button to Create event, a button for Back to checklist, and a preview of the Riley avatar. In the left center of the screenshot is a preview image of a Gather Space with floor pillows. To the right are the event details, including the title "New Years Watch Party" with the time and three action buttons: Add to Calendar, Share, and Save. A Join Event button displays beneath the action buttons. Beneath the center banner is Event Details with additional info.
You will be guided through a checklist to make sure you have everything you need to be ready for your Event!
A screenshot of the Events Setup checklist page. At the top of the page is the title of the Event, with Preview and Publish buttons. Beneath the top nav is a dynamic Setup checklist progress bar which is halfway complete. Beneath the progress bar are the checklist items: 1. Basic Info, 2. Landing page, 3. Space creation.
Note that Events made using this checklist will
be automatically published to the
Explore Events
page. To be featured on the
Explore Events
page, please navigate to the
page and submit your Event using the provided form.
👍Gather Emotes v2
Several people on the Clients team around a table using various custom emotes. The emotes that appear over their avatars heads alsoo appear in their video on the left side udner their name
After many requests, and much anticipation, we are excited to announce v2 of our Emote system! This new system includes:
  • Emotes showing up in videos under your name
  • Emote customization
To customize your Emotes, select the
button on the right side of the Emote menu.
A gif of the new Emotes system. The. cursor selects the Emote button (smiley face icon) in the Bottom Bar, then selects Edits. An Emote picker displays, which allows you to search for and assign Emotes to the keyboard shortcuts (1-5).
🏃‍♀️Dynamic Embedded Website Objects
A screenshot of a Gather Space with a Knowledge Base article opened as an embedded website in an iframe. A red outline is drawn around the URL of the embedded website in the top left of the iframe.
Change the embedded URL of an object without opening Mapmaker! If you are an Owner or a Builder in a Space, you can change the URL of an embedded website object while you are viewing it. The changes will immediately be reflected in the Space. If you're only a guest, you will get a message saying you do not have permissions to change the URL.
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed bug where character icons would show on top of shared screen previews
  • Fixed Synchronized TV bug where the video would only play for the object creator
  • Adjusted text in a few places for consistency
  • Fixed errors with subscriptions not canceling correctly
  • Fixed errors with reservations failing
  • Found and fixed a performance issue that was causing increased lag for the last 2 weeks
  • Promptly fixed the "Destroyer of Objects" bug on Friday where, if you were very unlucky within those few hours, deleting one object in Build mode deleted several other objects as well. If this happened to you we
    be able to recover your map from the day before — please Contact us using this form.
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for October 25, 2021
📲Mobile - Prioritized Audio Mode
Two screenshots of Gather on Mobile. In the first, prioritized audio is turned on and the regular view of videos is replaced by character icons with each person's name underneath. The second image shows a presentation that is being shared. The current slide says, Team Updates." The other people connected have their icons and names listed underneath the presentation.
Improve general performance on mobile and reduce battery usage with our new
Prioritize Audio
toggle! This setting will turn off incoming video streams and replace them with their character icons. You can still choose to see individual video streams in expanded mode by selecting someone's name or shared screen. If you are currently viewing a shared screen or have someone's video selected in expanded video mode, we will preserve your preference while turning off other video streams.
🔮Mobile - Help Us Improve Stability!
A set of three screenshots of Gather on mobile. In the first, the menu available by selecting the ellipses is open. The third item in the menu, "Report an issue" is outlined in red. In the second, the Report an issue window is open.  The window allows you to choose a Reason from a drop-down menu, enter your email address, and enter a message. A checkbox is selected for the option to "Send error report with video and screen data (helps us figure out the issue)." In the third, the success message for reporting an issue displays, which says "Thanks! We got your message." and shows an avatar wearing a pointy hat sitting in front of a crystal ball.
We are always looking to improve your Gather experience. To help us learn about issues you're encountering, we've added bug reporting to our mobile site. You can find it in your mobile settings menu by selecting the three dots on the bottom right side of your screen.
Please report any issues you encounter. We look at every report and want to create the best experience possible.
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added mobile symbol next to name of people using our mobile site on the desktop browser Participants list
  • Added check box to stop showing the limited functionality mobile site warning each time you use Gather on mobile
  • Revamped incompatible browser warning page
  • Added a better redirection screen for unsupported browsers on iOS
  • Fixed bug preventing Information Board from appearing in several event Spaces (not available in Remote Work Spaces)
  • Fixed checkbox warnings appearing in the dev console
  • Updated subscription messages on Space dashboard to show when they end after a subscription has been canceled
  • Fixed issue with being unable to edit some active reservations
  • Added better Space creation flow to take you straight to appropriate templates based on use case
  • Better handling of extreme spikes in usage
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for October 19, 2021
🔊 Video Volume Sliders
A screenshot of the Night Market template. The A/V preview at the top of the screen has a new expanded menu open from an ellipses button. Clicking the ellipses on an A/V preview allows you to adjust the User Volume on a slider or to block the user.
Adjust the volume of others on a person-by-person basis! We're excited to make this highly requested feature available on our browser and desktop application. You can even adjust the volume of shared audio from a shared screen separately from the person who's screensharing!
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Removed ability to accidently remove self as owner of a Space
  • Adjusted behavior to automatically focus on the chat input box after selecting
    Send Message
    from someone's user card
  • Updated various scrollbars to match our current style
  • Mapmaker - Fixed bug that caused a previous object to be moved if you select and move a new object as a click-and-drag action
  • Mapmaker - Adjusted text to better communicate Spotlight limitations
  • Homepage (aka /app) - Added ability to edit name and character to profile menu
  • Homepage - Added account identification information to profile menu
  • Dashboard - Fixed past reservations showing the wrong date
  • Continued to improve reliability and implemented several monitoring systems to alert us of issues sooner
  • Implemented performance improvements for large spaces
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates or October 12, 2021
📝Information Board Updates
A screenshot of the botanical garden template with an avatar named "Extra Extra Read All About It." The Information Board is open and the Pinned Messages section shows detailed text about markdown rules.
You can now update your Information Board while inside of your Space if you are a Moderator or Owner. We've also added support to add links inside of your text!
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Updated the in-Space
    style and design
  • Split the
    tab in
    Audio & Video
  • Added a
    button to /app
  • Added
    Past Reservations
    tab to the Space dashboard
  • Added subscription renewal information to active subscriptions on the Space dashboard
  • Disabled the
    Delete Space
    button for Spaces that have active reservations
  • Resolved a Space identification bug that was causing some black screens
  • Revert Global Build on by default to 0% of all spaces
  • Fixed deliverability issue with one-time passwords
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
Updates for October 4, 2021
🎃Halloween Costumes are Live!
Alt text = A screenshot of the Night Market template with the character picker open. The Special tab is open in the character picker, the white color is selected. An image of a ghost and skeleton display as character options. The preview character at the top of the character picker is a green character wearing a white dress with the Bride of Frankenstein's hair (tall and black with white streaks).
This year's Halloween festivities include costumes! Try them out by going into your character picker and clicking on the
tab. Costumes include special dancing animations to (pumpkin) spice-up your next Monster Mash!
If you're not ready to commit to a full costume change, you'll also find costume-related clothes and accessories scattered throughout the character picker to mix and match with your current outfit.
Also, don't forget to check out all of the fantastic Halloween and Día de los Muertos objects our incredible Art Team has released to decorate your Spaces!
🦗 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Mobile - Added support for opening password-protected doors and portaling to a different Space
  • Fixed Safari object-rendering bugs (no more mysteriously shifting objects!)
  • Fixed Tetris object in the Suggested objects panel of the Build tool
  • Improved map loading times
  • Added ability to pay for reservation edits by invoice
  • Updated reservation edit behavior to charge the difference rather than fully refund and charge for new amount
  • Fixed validation bugs for domain access restriction
  • Fixed bug where domain access restriction message still appeared when the restriction was removed if password is set
  • Added Space name to invite emails
  • Switched behavior for "add user to a role" to allow people to be directly added to a role without sending an invitation email
  • Changed the name of the
    tab to
    on the /app page and adjusted UI features
  • Improved performance for both chat and player movement
Updates for September 27, 2021
📲 Gather on the Go
 A screenshot of the view of Gather in mobile. Instructions on the screen read: “Double tap to move” and “Hold and drag to move.” 2) A gif of Gather on mobile. The three dots at the bottom of the screen are tapped. A menu opens that reads “On the Go” at the top. Quiet mode is toggled on, and then “Change A/V input” is tapped to view Video and Camera inputs.
We're excited to finally announce our latest mobile updates! With this update, we've brought several features that were previously only available on our web app such as:
  • Toggling
    Quiet Mode
    on and off
    (Not available in Remote Work Offices)
  • Adjusting your audio and video settings (you can now switch to your front-facing camera!)
  • Editing your name and character after entering a Space, and
  • Respawning (in case you get stuck or want a quick way to restart your journey!)
Stay tuned for additional updates! Note that at this time, object interactions and chat will only be available on the web or desktop app.
⛅ Sunsetting Gather-hosted Cocreate Boards
It is sad to say, but it is officially time for us to let go. On November 1st, all Gather-hosted Cocreate whiteboards will no longer be functional. Cocreate whiteboards may be found in older Gather Spaces (created before April 2021) and may look something like this:
A screenshot of a fullscreen Cocreate board in Gather, which features a drawing in purple of a dragon. At the top of the Cocreate board, a message reads, “This whiteboard is hosted on Gather and will no longer be available after November 1, 2021. Prior to that date, replace this Cocreate whiteboard with our new Eraser-powered whiteboard object, or add a Cocreate URL as an embedded website for this whiteboard object.”
If you have data stored on a Cocreate whiteboard that you don't want to lose, please save your whiteboard's contents as an .svg file using Cocreate's built-in tool. If you would like to continue using Cocreate in your Spaces, please create a new Cocreate board at https://cocreate.csail.mit.edu/ and replace the embedded website link with your new board.
🦗 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Improved server-side performance to fix the recent increase in lag for very large Spaces
  • Improved map loading times, most noticeable for very large Spaces
  • Added "no pinned messages" tooltip to Information Board in the Left Nav Menu
  • Fixed name and avatars to properly persist after Tutorial Island
  • Fixed poster "presenter mode" accidental teleport bug
  • Created "fatal error" messages to better identify where and when issues occur and prompt contacting us
  • Implemented a few large stability improvements!
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team
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