📦  Introducing Box Select
a gif in mapmaker of the new box select tool. A row of seats with private tiles is selected and then copied onto the map.
We’ve added Box select (keyboard shortcut: G) in the Mapmaker. Now you can select multiple objects and/or tile effects to move, copy, or delete them. By default, the tool selects both tile effects and objects; in the Top Nav Menu, you can choose to limit your selection to just objects or just tile effects.
🦋 More Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added messages to password doors so you know if no password has been set, if your update to the password was saved, or if you entered the wrong password.
  • Updated the guest list feature so that Space Admins are not locked out of the Space if they forget to add their email to the .csv file.
  • Fixed Q&A download feature so that answers provided during the session in the chat display in the downloaded file.
  • Fixed auto-scrolling in Chat so that the newest message is visible without scrolling.
  • Implemented fixes for some connection issues, with updated messaging and better data reporting. More improvements coming soon!