🏝 Try to Escape the Island
Escape the Island banner with a boat floating in light blue water with a gangplank leading to a sandy beach
Gather has partnered with Raid the Room to create a virtual escape room experience! Do you have what it takes to escape the island? Work together in a team of 2-6 people to solve puzzles and conquer all five levels before you miss your ride home. Check it out on the
tab from your Gather homepage.
🏎  Go-Karts for All!
A gif of Riley, Adam, and Matt racing each other on go-karts on a track
Go-karts have been moved to Extensions, and they are now available in all Spaces! Open
Extension Settings
in the Mapmaker, then activate
. Next, add a go-kart station to your Space from the Object Picker. Wait a few minutes, then go-karts show up to the right of the station. Just press “x” to hop on a kart and you’re off to the races! Read more on the go kart extension.
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added a shortcut for Admins to spotlight someone with their hand raised in an Event Space. Hover on their name in the Participants list to select the Spotlight (megaphone) icon.
  • Released larger office templates for Remote Work Spaces for up to 150 people. (50% rollout)
  • Removed heatmap in Event Spaces, returning to standard mini map.
  • Fixed issue so that disabling screen share works correctly.
  • Fixed issue so that people who are not signed in can successfully create a Space.
  • Fixed Rec Room in Remote Work Spaces so that you can successfully choose your social.
  • Fixed photo mode in Event Spaces so that anyone with video turned off is hidden from the screenshot (no longer shows broken image).