Updates for September 27, 2021
📲 Gather on the Go
 A screenshot of the view of Gather in mobile. Instructions on the screen read: “Double tap to move” and “Hold and drag to move.” 2) A gif of Gather on mobile. The three dots at the bottom of the screen are tapped. A menu opens that reads “On the Go” at the top. Quiet mode is toggled on, and then “Change A/V input” is tapped to view Video and Camera inputs.
We're excited to finally announce our latest mobile updates! With this update, we've brought several features that were previously only available on our web app such as:
  • Toggling
    Quiet Mode
    on and off
    (Not available in Remote Work Offices)
  • Adjusting your audio and video settings (you can now switch to your front-facing camera!)
  • Editing your name and character after entering a Space, and
  • Respawning (in case you get stuck or want a quick way to restart your journey!)
Stay tuned for additional updates! Note that at this time, object interactions and chat will only be available on the web or desktop app.
⛅ Sunsetting Gather-hosted Cocreate Boards
It is sad to say, but it is officially time for us to let go. On November 1st, all Gather-hosted Cocreate whiteboards will no longer be functional. Cocreate whiteboards may be found in older Gather Spaces (created before April 2021) and may look something like this:
A screenshot of a fullscreen Cocreate board in Gather, which features a drawing in purple of a dragon. At the top of the Cocreate board, a message reads, “This whiteboard is hosted on Gather and will no longer be available after November 1, 2021. Prior to that date, replace this Cocreate whiteboard with our new Eraser-powered whiteboard object, or add a Cocreate URL as an embedded website for this whiteboard object.”
If you have data stored on a Cocreate whiteboard that you don't want to lose, please save your whiteboard's contents as an .svg file using Cocreate's built-in tool. If you would like to continue using Cocreate in your Spaces, please create a new Cocreate board at https://cocreate.csail.mit.edu/ and replace the embedded website link with your new board.
🦗 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Improved server-side performance to fix the recent increase in lag for very large Spaces
  • Improved map loading times, most noticeable for very large Spaces
  • Added "no pinned messages" tooltip to Information Board in the Left Nav Menu
  • Fixed name and avatars to properly persist after Tutorial Island
  • Fixed poster "presenter mode" accidental teleport bug
  • Created "fatal error" messages to better identify where and when issues occur and prompt contacting us
  • Implemented a few large stability improvements!
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team