Updates for October 4, 2021
🎃Halloween Costumes are Live!
Alt text = A screenshot of the Night Market template with the character picker open. The Special tab is open in the character picker, the white color is selected. An image of a ghost and skeleton display as character options. The preview character at the top of the character picker is a green character wearing a white dress with the Bride of Frankenstein's hair (tall and black with white streaks).
This year's Halloween festivities include costumes! Try them out by going into your character picker and clicking on the
tab. Costumes include special dancing animations to (pumpkin) spice-up your next Monster Mash!
If you're not ready to commit to a full costume change, you'll also find costume-related clothes and accessories scattered throughout the character picker to mix and match with your current outfit.
Also, don't forget to check out all of the fantastic Halloween and Día de los Muertos objects our incredible Art Team has released to decorate your Spaces!
🦗 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Mobile - Added support for opening password-protected doors and portaling to a different Space
  • Fixed Safari object-rendering bugs (no more mysteriously shifting objects!)
  • Fixed Tetris object in the Suggested objects panel of the Build tool
  • Improved map loading times
  • Added ability to pay for reservation edits by invoice
  • Updated reservation edit behavior to charge the difference rather than fully refund and charge for new amount
  • Fixed validation bugs for domain access restriction
  • Fixed bug where domain access restriction message still appeared when the restriction was removed if password is set
  • Added Space name to invite emails
  • Switched behavior for "add user to a role" to allow people to be directly added to a role without sending an invitation email
  • Changed the name of the
    tab to
    on the /app page and adjusted UI features
  • Improved performance for both chat and player movement