Updates for November 29, 2021
🚀Explore Templates Through Events Checklist
A view of the Create Space step in the Events checklist onboarding flow. Two Space templates are previewed in the left, and on the right, a live preview lets you explore the template you've selected.
Wander inside our templates and see the entire layout before choosing the right one for you! This feature can be found when creating a Space through the
Create Event
📢 Space-Wide Announcements (In Real-Time)!
A gif of a Thanksgiving Space in Gather with a live announcement being posted. The Info Board icon in the Left Nav Menu is selected, the Announcements tab is selected in the modal, a new post with the text "Dinner's Ready!" is added, and the announcement displays in the Space.
Keynote speech about to start? Need to let everyone know where to go? Finally, a way to send out Space-wide announcements in real time!
At this time, this feature is only available to event-based Spaces. (Sorry, remote work offices!) You can make an announcement as a Space Admin or Moderator by opening the Info Board in the upper left corner and switching to the
All of the guests in your Space, regardless of which Room or Map they are in will get a pop-up notification with your announcement.
A gif of a Thanksgiving Space in Gather with a live announcement being received. A new post with the text "Game time!" appears in the upper left corner next to the Info Board icon.
🦗Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed bug where
    My Spaces
    list was not appearing when adding a Room to a Space
  • Fixed issue with
    Hide Tutorial in this Space
    toggle not triggering in Settings
  • Fixed issue with associated reservations being deleted when events were deleted
  • Added aria labels to our navigation menus
  • Implemented several client-side performance improvements
  • Fixed loading issues with extensions such as password doors and friendly plants
  • Fixed a few issues specifically related to black screens
  • Improved audio and video quality for those on restrictive networks
  • Added big-time improvements to video reliability and stability
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team