Updates for July 4, 2021
❎ New Interactive Object Prompt Message Location
An interactive image that shows a character named "dungeon delver" approaching a note object. A message appears to the right of the note that says, "Press X for note." The character then moves across the room towards a witch. When the character is near the witch, a message appears to the right of the witch saying, "I think I heard Something!"
We've updated where the prompt message appears for interactive objects! Rather than appearing at the bottom of the screen, they will now appear adjacent to the object. The message will typically appear on the right side unless your character blocks the text, in which case it will appear on the opposite side.
💫 Custom Spawn Tiles
An animated image that shows the user moving through the process of creating a custom spawn tile using the calendar side panel, clicking "create new event," selecting, "Create at location," and clicking on "open Mapmaker to be taken to the Mapmaker. The term "bar" is then entered into the field labeled "Set custom spawn tile ID" on the right side panel and a spot next to the bar is clicked to set the tile named "bar."
We are excited to announce the advent of custom Spawn Tiles! With these named tiles, you can now easily send your friends exactly to where you'd like to meet them (or teleport straight to your meetings). A few notes:
  • Custom Spawn Tiles can only be generated in the Mapmaker by those with Build permissions
  • Guests can only directly spawn on custom Spawn Tiles if use they associated location link.
  • All new guests to your Space will always arrive at your default, non-named Spawn Tile locations unless they are given a specific Gather location link.
  • Only users with Build access will be able to see the "Create new event" button on your Space-wide calendar
And animated image showing a calendar event being selected and the button "teleport" being clicked that takes the user straight to the bar location on the map.
Custom Spawn Tiles have been linked to the Calendar function. When you link your calendar to Gather using your iCal link, you can create events with specific locations inside of Gather using location links! If an event on your calendar has an associated Gather location link, you will be given the option to locate your way there or directly teleport.
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added auto-detect and error report suggestion modal
  • Desktop app - Fixed vertical carousel scrolling
  • Desktop app - Fixed ability to zoom back in
  • Desktop app - Adjusted sizing on mini-window
  • Desktop app - Updated to v0.1.0
  • Adjusted mini-map to show black instead of transparent
  • Fixed calendar time zone bug
  • Improved calendar event display
  • Patched user role bugs
  • Fixed adding editor through Mapmaker
  • Fixed poster and video preview bugs
  • Fixed user video display to be off when blocked
  • Fixed portal between Spaces bug for anonymous users
  • Several performance fixes in regards to how the canvas is rendered
  • Several video fixes to improve connection and performance