Updates for July 25, 2021
⚠ Custom Max Capacity Messages
A screenshot of a Space dashboard, with Space Access active in the Left Nav Menu. In the Capacity Limit section, Customize Warning Screen Text is toggled on. You can enter a custom message that will display to new guests who try to join your Space after it has reached maximum capacity.
On the off chance that more people join your event than you were expecting, we are now reducing the impact on your event's performance by providing an over capacity message to additional guests. Important notes for this update:
  • You will still have a small buffer beyond your set capacity
  • Performance will likely still degrade as more and more people join
  • The capacity limit message will only appear for guests beyond this buffer
  • You can set a custom capacity limit message for them to see
  • Guests will always be given the option to go back to the page that they were previously on
We're hoping this will help give you time to update your reservation before your event is overwhelmed.
The custom capacity limit message can be set on your Space's dashboard within the Space Access category. By default the message will look like the image on the left:
In the first image on the left, the default message displays for guests who try to enter your Space after it reaches maximum capacity. The second image on the right shows where your text will display if you choose to enter your own message.
Your custom message, character limit 250, can include:
  • Information on who to contact
  • A link to an alternate Space to visit, and
  • Anything else you think will be useful for your guests!
Remember, if you need to increase your Space's capacity, you can always do so on your Space dashboard. Please allow 15 to 20 minutes for the changes to be reflected in your Space!
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added warning that Space name cannot be changed once Space is created
  • Added search field to Create New Space page
  • Changed video preview image behavior to improve frame rate when walking past video objects
  • Removed
    Make Moderator
    button if participant is not signed in
  • Fixed white screen from opening character selector before Space is fully loaded
  • Created new, more descriptive "Auto Idle Mute" modal
  • Added video auto-reset after videos are watched to completion
  • Fixed emote display-related bug
  • Adjusted Space name display length limits
  • Added option to email yourself a Space link when accessing Gather via mobile
  • Fixed authentication errors for Space owners accessing Mapmaker
  • Fixed bug for using "original audio" to properly switch over mid-conversation
  • Fixed chat auto-scroll bug
  • Fixed characters lingering after logging off
  • Made reconnecting faster after disconnects
  • Cleaned up a lot of code
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team