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😎New Look, Better Prices!
A view of the new Space dashboard. The Create Reservation tab displays, with the updated pricing for 2-hour ($2/user), Per day ($3/user), and Monthly ($7/user) reservations.
In case you haven't seen or heard, we've given both our front page as well as all of your Space dashboards fresh new looks. Additionally, we've scrubbed our pricing structure to clean up confusion and provide more affordable ways to Gather.
As part of this update, we've:
  • Completely eliminated object limitations (though please remember that more objects may mean more lag on older machines)
  • Made receipts for active and upcoming events available directly from your dashboard, and
  • Automatically transferred all subscriptions to the new, lower rate and prorated them for the period between now and their next renewal date
Note that the day rate is per 24-hour period. This means:
  • A 24-hour event that crosses midnight will cost $3/user
  • A 25-hour event will cost $6/user, same as a 48 hour event (so take advantage of the extra time!)
🐛 Minor Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Fixed Spawn Tile ID same name different room bug
  • Corrected price calculation for invoices on new dashboard
  • Corrected price calculation on pricing page
  • Fixed Respawn and Spawn Tile ID bugs
  • Fixed image anti-aliasing
  • Fixed dashboard "join as participant" link
  • Added mobile warning for /app landing page
  • Released Beta Desktop app v12 (updated electron libraries)
  • Improved reconnection messages
  • Removed "connecting..." message for those seeing "Sharing A/V with too many people" because it was redundant
  • Capped number of messages visible in chat panel to 80 most recent
  • Cleaned up a good number of things behind the scenes to help improve performance
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team