Updates for February 14, 2022
🗺 Conversation Heatmaps (Beta)
The new mini map in the bottom left of a Gather Space shows three areas on the Map where people are gathered together in groups of 5, 3, and 4, respectively.
Sometimes it’s hard to know where everyone is or where the most interesting conversations are taking place. We’ve designed a new feature to help event attendees find each other and see, at a glance, where group conversations are taking place.
To try out the new heatmap in your non-remote work Space, open Space Preferences in Space Settings (Ctrl/⌘+P). Toggle on Beta Features. Let us know what you think by submitting feedback! Click the Beta Feedback button (person with a speech bubble) in the Left Nav Menu!
The Settings modal is open to Space Preferences, and Beta Features is outlined in red and toggled on.
The base map for your Space’s heatmap is generated based on your impassible tiles.
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Added ability to pan around on the canvas inside of Spaces (Alt/Option + mouse drag).
  • Additional rendering fixes.
  • Updated links in Mapmaker to help center.
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team