Updates for August 29, 2021
 A screenshot of the office complex, focused on the two conference rooms in the bottom left of the map. A character named AJ (They/Them) is standing alone in a nautical-themed room, which has two circular tables, several barrels, a treasure chest, a ship painting, a pirate flag, and bunting. In the cyberpunk themed conference room to the right, four grey desks are grouped together, with a brain in a jar resting on top. Piles of waste and a trash barrel fire are in the room, as well as a neon image of a rocket and a digital map on the wall.
Make more meetings in the Metaverse! Why settle for a boring video chatroom when you can get a nice change of scenery by building and using themed conference rooms? Try searching for "Nautical" or "Cyberpunk" in our Object Picker!
This week, we continued working on stability and performance. Hope you've been able to notice a difference! We've also been laying down some serious behind the scenes foundations and starting work on a few long awaited quality of life improvements.
🦋 Less Flashy Updates and Bug Round Up
  • Stopped chat notification sound from triggering in addition to the ring sound when you ring someone
  • Adjusted ring sound to stop sooner when you tab back
  • Fixed "disable screen sharing" setting to work again
  • Fixed screen shares from being stuck in low resolutions after experiencing a network drop
  • Fixed bug that prevented moderator message from displaying properly
  • Fixed banner from affecting Mapmaker's sizing and hiding the x,y coordinates
  • Reworked time zone selector in Space dashboard
That's all for now!
- The Gather Team